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Work Experience

Since formation, back in 1986, Betteridge & Milsom has developed a philosophy of sponsoring and mentoring individuals to give them the best possible employment experience available. Historically, an integral part of this process has been the recruitment of school leavers – at Assistant Surveyor level – seeking to embark on a part-time RICS Accredited degree course and meeting the University fees whilst providing full time employment. Typically, we will ask individuals considering this career path to undertake a period of work experience with us ahead of entering into an employment contract to guarantee that both parties are sure that this is the right path for them.

If you are still at school or college and are considering a career in Construction then you can apply to join Betteridge & Milsom for you work experience placement. Acceptance would be subject to current staffing requirements.

Please contact us to find out more information and to discussion potential opportunities.