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Andrew Walker

Andrew first joined Betteridge & Milsom in January 2001 as a Junior Surveyor, having previously been in full time education. Whilst with Betteridge & Milsom, he took a part-time course at Canterbury College, completing an AVCE in Construction. He has progressed his career through the company, culminating in promotion to Director in 2011. Andrew is a key member of the team. Andrew supervises a team of Surveyors, specialising in Post-Contract, Cost Planning and Pre-Contract Measurement on new build and refurbishment projects.

Paul Gannaway

Paul first joined Betteridge & Milsom as Junior Surveyor in August 1989. After studying at South Kent College and Anglia Polytechnic University he gained a BSc and subsequently became a Chartered Surveyor. Paul has progressed his career through the company and was promoted to Head of Post-Contract Surveying in 2004 and subsequently became a Director in 2007. Paul’s day-to-day role is as Surveying Director and manages a team of Surveyors within his department, as well as running a number of projects himself.

Ray Milsom

Ray, along with George Betteridge, founded Betteridge & Milsom in 1986. Ray was previously employed by Widnell & Trollope. Ray worked in the Middle East for 2 years and in Brussels for a short period. During a career spanning more than 40 years, Ray has gained experience in most forms of procurement building contracts, building types, and forms of construction.