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Betteridge & Milsom invest in electronic measurement equipment

Betteridge & Milsom continue to invest in the latest technological advances, and always look to keep ahead of the latest innovations in surveying equipment and software.

With the growing demand for BIM integrated services, we have today purchased the latest integrated eRulers, which allow our surveyors to measure off of paper drawings straight into our measurement and cost planning software. The eRulers have been developed to provide a quick and easy measurement device and can be used at the desk, or remotely, by using the USB adaptor. This also allows our staff to provide accurate dimensions, integrated across our SQL database and carry out dim checks using different scales.

The eRulers contain a number of clever functions, including zoom, scale hunt (for those drawings without any dimensions), rotational, latitude and swipe functions.

The eRulers will be integrated into our measurement software as from 1st April, and we hope our staff enjoy the advantages that these delightful apparatus provide.