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Fulston Manor School project team hosts Staff Update and Site Visit

Betteridge & Milsom hosted a Staff Update, along with the Kent based contractor Jenner, for the current scheme at Fulston Manor School. Currently on site and due to be completed in the new year, the school staff were updated on the current progress of the scheme, including details of how the final project would look, and were able to visit the site on a tour of this fantastic two-storey building. The building will house education spaces, including a library space and areas for use for open place study.

The scheme, designed by Lee Evans Partnership, is the second phase of a larger masterplan, and continues the regeneration of the school campus, which continues to depend on a partial stock of ageing temporary buildings.

Betteridge & Milsom are providing Employer's Agent and Quantitiy Surveying services, along with CDM Advice.