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Samphire Hoe Education Centre




The Samphire Hoe education centre is a scheme designed to create a central place for people to come and expand their knowledge of landscape and heritage. The shelter is part of the Up on the Downs Landscape Partnership Scheme, which aims to increase learning, training and community participation as well as to restore natural features of the area. The project was funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF), Eurotunnel the RDPE Leader Programme and Dover Rotary Club.

The building was designed to also act as a wind break to enhance the visitors’ experience whilst using the facilities available at Samphire Hoe. The buildings use of recycled railway sleepers derived from their common use at coastal locations and the building’s form, is reminiscent of the historic defensive structures dotted along the Kent coast.

An excellent location for family and classroom days out, the development hopes to attract more visitors to Samphire Hoe, were they can learn about the vastly dynamic natural environment at the base of the Dover cliffs and the origin of Britain’s youngest piece of land, as a result of the spoil from the Channel Tunnel. The building is also used to exhibit other projects associated with the White Cliffs Countryside Partnership.

Betteridge & Milsom provided quantity surveying services and believe that the finished scheme is a wonderful addition to the coastal landscape.

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