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The Jarman School of Arts, University of Kent, Canterbury

University of Kent



The School of Drama, Film and Visual Arts was fragmented across the campus. The Jarman Building consolidated the rehearsal and teaching space into one dedicated facility providing accommodation for all three areas of the School - and allowing them to work together.

The building was conceived as a flexible, loose fit container within which the department could grow, shrink, change requirements and adapt over the years. The highly serviced elements that sit within the low tech 'box' include specialist rehearsal studios, art and design studios, a film suite, a postgraduate centre, academic offices and administrative/ reception facilities.

The striking interiors form a backdrop for the arts students to react and perform against, but that are strong enough in terms of design and finish to give order to the enthusiastic chaos of term time.

As Employer’s Agents, we supported the University in achieving the client’s brief and the building is seen as a great success, gaining a number of awards, including RIBA South East Award winner 2010.