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CDM Advisors

“CDM Advisor. n. person appointed to advise and assist the Client with their duties under the Construction (Design and Management) Regulations 2015.”

In the capacity of CDM Advisor, our role is to provide advice and assistance to our Clients, regarding relevant Health and Safety regulations to ensure that suitable designs are produced. In addition, we also able to provide an advisory service to Prinicpal Designers, to support them in the roles within the 2015 regulations. This can include making certain that suitable measures are made for the co-ordination of Health and Safety procedures during the planning and preparation throughout the construction phase of a building project. The Principal Designer is responsible for ensuring that relevant health and safety information is provided in an effective and timely manner and will oversee the production and submission of the Health and Safety File upon completion of the works to guarantee that such information is in accordance with the Client agreed format, whilst maintaining compliance with the Law.

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