The Herne Centre has been shortlisted for the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce (KICC) Construction Project of the Year 2019. The awards will be announced at a Gala Dinner held at Canterbury Cathedral Lodge in March.

The scheme features a number of community halls, meeting spaces and facilities for the local area. Herne and Broomfield Parish Council engaged a local project team and the community in the design of a new centre that would offer versatile and appropriate spaces for all users. Fully accessible, sustainable and futureproofed, Herne Centre is a hive of activity, offering clubs, meet-ups, sports, employment and more for all members of the community.

Key to the Parish Council’s design was sustainability. They were keen the Centre was as sustainable as it could be, minimising its impact on the environment and reducing running costs. Sustainable elements include:

• A fabric first approach
• Glulam portal frame
• Air Source Heat Pumps
• Windcatchers to aid ventilation
• PV panels – there is a monitor installed in the reception area so all users can see how much energy is being generated
• Run fully on electric
• Rainwater collection for use on the landscaped areas

The new facility offers flexible space for its users and the Centre can hold many more varied events than before. The centre is now used on average for 70 hours a week, approximately a 50% increase compared to the old hall.

The local community are delighted with their Centre and some quotes include:

‘Well laid out, lovely structure, warm and welcoming’
‘Beautiful design & construction so much nicer than the old hall, new lighting is lovely’
‘Contemporary with an air of tradition, which is great’
‘Building looks very modern, love the different room’

B&M provided Contract Administration and Quantity Surveying services.

15th February 2019