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Discovery Park in Sandwich is the leading Science park in Kent which boasts world class laboratories and exceptional office space.

Over recent years we have worked closely over a number of phased projects, alongside the Discovery Park Management team and various tenants helping create over 28,000sqft of specialist laboratories, write up areas and associated spaces. The different areas consist of varying specifications depending on the end users and their requirements.

During our time working with the Discovery Park team in both a PM and QS role, we have worked across many different areas of the park. This has provided us with the knowledge and understanding of both Pharmaceutical and general science areas.

We have been involved with the adaptation, extension and construction of areas and services that are to form some of the highest specifications originally installed by Pfizer.

Recent projects.

Creation of process facilities.

Created specifically for a tenant manufacturing a pharmaceutical product. The area included strict environmental controls via dedicated air handling units (HVAC) to provide a constant 22c air temperature at all times. The temperature control was managed via a series of air sleeves that dropped through the equipment to circulate the incoming air around the equipment. This provided sufficient air control throughout the area. We also provided a series of specialist services to supply the manufacturing equipment, these included pure water, Nitrogen and Co2 installations. Vulcathena waste pipe work was also installed to dispose of the laboratory waste.

Creation of laboratory spaces.

Comprising the formation of traditional laboratory space with dedicated write up areas. The areas were created specifically for an end user and so the specification was tailored to their requirements. The spaces consist of Trespa benching within the labs and walk-in fume cabinets, each provided with Nitrogen, compressed air, Co2 and pure water. The fume cupboard extracts require ducting through the building, exiting at roof level to avoid human contact with any harmful substances extracted from the laboratories.

The laboratory space also included fire solvent cupboards with dedicated air intake and extract to ensure constant air circulation and fume extraction at all times.

Creation of multi-purpose laboratories.

Providing a large multi-purpose laboratory space containing 148 fume cabinets, associated lab benching, and chemical and solvent stores. A science corridor to the perimeter of the laboratories provides access between labs without Scientists having to mix in the write-up areas. These areas were supplied with specialist services such as nitrogen, compressed air, Co2 and pure water. Extensive HVAC is also provided to ensure suitable environmental controls.

Given our experience, we understand that the specialist nature of the laboratory fit-out and services installation can have the biggest impact on the construction costs and therefore budget management is essential through all stages.