Quantity surveying.

Whatever the project, accurate cost control is essential. Cost planning is the vital role provided by our Quantity Surveyors, but there is so much more.

As Cost Consultants, it is imperative that we consider a wide range of factors to ensure that, from conception through to completion, any construction project is value for money and comes in on budget. Risks, options and procurement methods all play a part in the advice we give clients.

Our people understand the need to accurately mange cost throughout the life of a project. We develop robust cost reports, prepare tender documents and arrange contracts prior to the construction period. We monitor construction costs, deal with changes and agree final accounts.

Contract administration.

With greater pressure than ever before to ensure projects are completed on time and within budget, professional contract administration of the construction process is vital. From the initial design through to completion, we offer the full range of Contract Administration and Employer’s Agent services to match our clients’ timescales, budgets and visions.

The level of complexity can increase as projects develop and our experience in dealing with challenges and opportunities is exceptional. With a true and deep understanding of our clients’ objectives, we can transform them into “Employer’s Requirements” for contract purposes.

We provide advice on implications affecting the site and building design, use and cost. Our services within the Employer’s Agent remit extend to having a key role in handover and the subsequent management of the defect process.

Our expertise allows our clients to make sure projects are delivered on time and on budget.

Project management.

When considering a building project, be it construction, refurbishment or fit out, clients face challenges that include capturing the project brief, fast moving programme needs and other competing demands; all against a challenging financial backdrop.

Whether it is a single fit-out project, a programme of phased works or a complex niche scheme, our project management skills enable our clients to achieve their business needs.

As Technical Project Managers, we perform effectively within tight time-scales, keep within strict budgets and aim to create a positive client environment. Risk management, change control and project planning are skills we can bring to your project.

Clerk of Works.

As a Clerk of Works we monitor the work of Contractors which carry out contracts for our Clients. As such, our primary responsibility is to make certain that all works carried out are to our Client’s specification, standards and schedule.

Key aspects of the Clerk of Works role include: making visual inspections; familiarity with legal requirements and what constitutes compliance; a robust working knowledge of health and safety legislation, bringing any shortfalls to the attention of those concerned; and using all relevant drawings and written instructions as a reference point for inspecting the work.

We keep records of all works throughout project progression within the respective site diary to ensure that records exist of all Clerk of Works activities.